!! Shake it, baby !!

The new Forever Flashlight is the coolest invention ever.
Also, Wesley Clark is now running for President, apparently upon urging by his Internet fan club (oh yeah, and Bill Clinton). While I think he is sexy (or telegenic, as the newspapers like to say), I’m not a big fan of military officers in positions of political power, and can I just say that I’m extra annoyed at all the comments being made in the press about how he is more electable than Howard Dean just because he didn’t sign a civil union bill into law. Give me a break.

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2 Comments on "Shake it, baby"

  1. hopefully, all of this squabbling between democrats over wes this and howard that will take a little attention off of ex-president clinton and i can do him in my nice loft.
    um, can hilary please run?

  2. wes is the best | September 18, 2003 at 1:03 pm | Reply

    Wesley Clark is more electable than Howard Dean for a number of reasons–not just the civil unions issue. I really do think the Democrats need to neutralize the Republican’s absurdly undeserving advantage on military issues–and Clark is one candidate who can do it. (Sorry John Kerry.)
    And it’s not like Clark is anti-homo, he supports domestic partnerships and gays in the military (as ultra-compassionate Dick Cheney famously endorsed in the 2000 vice-presidential debates). But I still wouldn’t count Dean out.
    However, can’t you already imagine the Republican rhetoric flying at Dean as the former governor of that birkenstocky state filled with homo bloggers?

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