!! She is not impressed !!

whatevia (11k image)With only two seconds of total television airtime, Whatevia Santiago has now reached such a level of Internet fame that she has her own blog. Remember Jennifer Hudson from the season of American Idol where Fantasia Barrino won? Remember how we loved her, and how it wasn’t her fault that there were two other black girls in the finals who happened to be skinnier than her? Remember how much support she received (or not) from her friends and family? Well that’s what this blog is about. It strikes me as a little off-color since it’s written by a fag, but I’m a sucker for cute photoshopped tableaux like this one. So if you’re offended, write him a letter, not me.

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2 Comments on "She is not impressed"

  1. Mmm I meant a fag as opposed to a black girl… but thanks for spelling it out for those who didn’t get it. -F

  2. Umm… the blog is off-color because its written by someopne who’s gay ? How about saying its off-color because it makes a parody of the way black people talk, or because it has dirty jokes … but to hold my sexuality against me ?!!?!?!? Jeez. I don’t mind if you don’t like a blog, but atleast have a good reason for it !!!!
    Thx for plugging the site though 🙂

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