!! She just didn’t fit in !!

It was announced today that NBC would not be picking up Martha Stewart’s Apprentice for a second season. It had problems all along because it was first opposite Top Model at 8pm on Wednesdays and then opposite Lost when it moved to 9pm. Executives thought that the gay Top Model viewers would appreciate such a change, and I certainly did, but alas it was not enough. Martha, we will miss your gentle yet immovable boardroom manner. And your letters. I love your letters.
NOTE: I am in the tropical South for a few days and posting may be irregular. Look for your regularly scheduled content starting Friday, but check back before then in case I post a little treat.

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2 Comments on "She just didn’t fit in"

  1. Love your blog … the layout .. everything. Great content.

  2. thatg bites, i love martha!! She is awesome, love the show.. loads of cute guys too!!

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