!! She’s 57 going on 18 !!

and she always wears the same goth-hippie performance outfit, but I’m still enchanted by Emmylou Harris. Last night I saw her and the rest of the Sweet Harmony Traveling Revue at Central Park Summer Stage. Can you spot the differences between this concert and the Lucinda Williams concert? I posted another fabulous camera phone photo, this time taken in the daylight, for your enjoyment.
sweetharmony01 (19k image)
The concert also featured Patty Griffin, who is one of my favorites, and she had a full band playing with her on what ended up mostly being songs from her new album, which I give a solid “OK.” The highlight of the night for me was at the beginning when the entire ensemble sang “To Know Him Is to Love Him,” which Emmylou sang with Dolly Parton and Linda Rondstadt on their Trio album that came out in 1987.
The other highlight of the show was David Rawlings, who is Gillian Welch’s “partner in life and music,” though neither one wears a wedding ring. He is cute and looked very dapper in a nice charcoal suit and cream-colored cowboy hat. He looks sort of like a little kid when he plays guitar and bounces around, which obviously aroused me and the other gays in the audience.
WARNING: There will probably be no blog postings until monday because I am going on a romantic sojourn to Toronto this weekend. Don’t despair, because I will come back with a photo from the top of that really tall thing that Toronto is famous for. I might have new naked photos of myself too, but you’ll only find out if you buy me a present.

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2 Comments on "She’s 57 going on 18"

  1. I think the back stairs were a brilliant plan. I didn’t even miss the view.

  2. last i heard there’s a three hour wait to ride the elevator up that tall thing. maybe we could take the back-stairs instead.

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