!! Sipping a ceviche out of a martini glass !!

was only one of the many thrills I experienced last night at the “Behind the Scenes of Sex and the City” event I attended last night with Gail. It was sponsored by the Academy of Television, Arts, and Sciences and was by far the most opulent affair I have witnessed, let alone been a part of, in my short life. There were creative appetizers like meatballs served on orange slices with rosemary skewers, huge fake trees with pink lanterns hanging off of them under which shirtless bartenders with bouncing pectorals served up free booze to all the horny single gals who presumably would attend an event for the popular TV series, and a mountain of chocolate from which you could pick and choose little treats to fill up your very own silver candy box to take home or eat surreptitiously during the panel discussion.
After getting some Cosmo-sipping sixteen-year-old girls to

take our picture, Gail and I made the rounds repeatedly, eating mini-samosas, tuna wrapped in ginger and wasabi, and searching in vain for the most delicious appetizer of all: the meat skewer. By the time we were full and had finished our free Cosmos that were beautiful despite the fact that they tasted like cough syrup, the event was about to start, and Gail used her intuition to get us to the front of the crowd before it started to gather in full force, meaning that we got awesome seats for the panel discussion.
I’m not going to go into the details of what was said during the discussion, because I’m sure you all watched the hour-long special before the last episode of SATC and heard it all anyway, but rather I am going to briefly mention some important points of interest. First of all, Kim Cattrall was absent, and sent word via a very brief note that said she was “working on her first film production project in Toronto and could not make it.” Hmm… could it be that maybe she just hates Sarah Jessica Parker like all the tabloids say? Last night the rest of the cast repeatedly denied any rumors of bad blood, for the record. Second notable thing is that Darren Star has hair implants! Or at least it looked like he does. Hmm, what else… Oh, I realized that the actress who played Charlotte on SATC also played Brooke on Melrose Place and that’s how she got the part, through Darren Star, the creator of both shows, as well as 90210.
When we left we got fancy little gift bags from… Buick. I guess they’re trying to class up their image among the single women in New York. I think it’s pretty funny for a car company to be the major sponsor of that sort of event in New York, considering no one drives anywhere, but whatever, I got a nice little compact mirror, a chrome winestopper, and a little tin of mints, all with the Buick logo! Gail also got some sparkly pink lip gloss from Lancome, which I turned down, but now in retrospect wish I had taken so that I could give it to one of my lady friends who appreciates glamorous things. I’ll just get one next time.

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