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best of me yesterday. I came home from work with big plans and an extreme tiredness headache. I really wanted to play more Soul Calibur II in Weapon Master mode to buy neat new costumes for the sexy lady characters, and I also wanted to work on my newly constructed house in Ultima Online. Obviously I wanted to write a clever and entertaining Blog entry as well, but that didn’t happen, and since I ended up going to sleep at 7pm and not waking up until this morning, I don’t really have any events to write about today, but I won’t leave you hanging. Here is something

I’ve been meaning to write about:
A couple weeks ago I went to see the movie The Event, starring Olympia Dukakis and Parker Posey. It’s about a guy, Matt, who is dying of AIDS and has his friends throw him a suicide party. Parker Posey plays the Asst. DA who is investigating several assisted suicide cases and is particularly interested in Matt’s. I’ve read some of the reviews of the movie and they are usually really positive or really negative, I think depending on how the reviewers react to emotionally charged material and whether or not watching a film shot on DV really bugs them.
I thought it was fantastic, mainly because of the actors. Don McKellar does a nicely understated job at playing Matt and Olympia Dukakis turns several scenes that could turn to sentimental mush in the hands of a lesser actress into highlights of the film. Parker Posey in particular has received some negative remarks for her performance, but I thought that she lent her innate freakiness very well to her part, and the humor she puts into every role, including this one, kept the film from getting too heavy.
Aside from the DV, which I didn’t really mind, the film was shot in an odd way that sort of screams “independent film.” I felt like it was a little contrived at times, like the prolonged silent shots of people crossing the street, but it worked over all, and I think the director’s quirky choices kept him from falling into traps of hackneyed tear-jerking (the bloody poop scene is especially jarring).
You should go see it not only because it’s well done, but also for the fact that it deals with an issue not many people know about. The idea that the AIDS crisis is over (the death rate in the US has slowed, but the infection rate is at an all-time high) is frighteningly prevalent and a lot of people would be surprised to know that living with AIDS still sucks, despite advances in medicine, and that people still would rather kill themselves than watch their bodies deteriorate over time.

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