!! Sniffle, sniffle !!

On Sunday at the beach I noticed an attack of what is either a cold or seasonal allergies, and I have been struggling to rid myself of them for the last few days. My plan last night was to go home, make pasta and tea, watch The Amazing Race, and go to bed early. All of this occurred except for the most important element. Curse our stupid TV, it does not play CBS. CURSE IT! (For the curious among you: the alien skeleton twins were eliminated last night. YAY!)
So instead I watched Reno 911 on Comedy Central and laughed heartily several times. I give it an A-, with one special exception: Officer Williams, you get the best grade in the class. “Stop in the name of the law! You know what I’m sayin’?”
The name of the law has held little weight in Iraq, apparently until now. Halliburton is losing their no-bid contract to support US troops and it goes up for bids sometime soon. I wonder if Dick Cheney blames Michael Moore.

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