!! So happy together !!

melaniedeborah (39k image)
These ladies are clearly excited, perhaps by their sparkly attire, perhaps because someone is taking their picture, but probably because their husbands, who are gods among men, decided to be seen in public with their homely mugs. Melanie (left), wife of Johnny Knoxville and “clothing designer” (did she design that tanktop?), is never seen without those silly sunglasses, perhaps to shield her eyes from her husband’s radiating hotness. Deborah Lee Furness (right), wife of Hugh Jackman and “actress,” is the luckiest woman on Earth since her husband is clearly not gay. (Thanks to Dlisted for the photo)

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2 Comments on "So happy together"

  1. I don’t think either one of those women are "homely." You’re rude.

  2. Actually, Deborah Lee Furness is a fairly well known actress down here in Australia. In fact, she’d "made it" down here before Hugh did. He was just some guy who used to host and sing at "Carols by Candlelight" Christmas shows on the TV before he made it in Hollywood. Most Australian’s only "really" learned who he was after his Hollywood success.

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