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Queer As Folk is one of those shows I always kind of wished I could watch, but never could because I lacked premium cable channels. Saturday night I watched the marathon of the last four episodes from last season in preparation for the Sunday night season premiere, which I also watched. I watched the British series on DVD the summer after it came out and I found it compelling, but with not nearly enough butt sex.

I had never seen the American series until this weekend, and I had heard it was more graphic, but wow, I think it rivals The L Word in raunchiness, and in the best way. That said, the characters and the plots of QAF pale in comparison to the expertly-crafted lesbo alternative, which sadly just finished last weekend. Now, onto the real point of this post:

Isn’t it weird that Justin is okay with his boyfriend (or whatever Brian is) throwing sex parties and doing it with countless numbers of men when he’s not around?

Justin seems so understanding, and he’s what, like eighteen years old? I know that when I was eighteen, like other young people when they are coming out, I was downright Puritanical about fidelity and tended to view most romantic things in black and white. Even now, while I consider my sexual politics pretty progressive and I’ve had some varied emotional experiences, I just don’t think I would be down with my sometimes-boyfriend throwing orgies in his apartment and not inviting me. Maybe Brian and Justin aren’t boyfriends, and I guess I could be uninformed, not having watched the American show at all up until this point, but it seems like they’re at least in love and tend to spend almost all their time together, much of it cuddling naked and giggling like little girls. Perhaps there is some nuance I’m missing, but it all seems kind of crass to me. In the end it doesn’t really matter, because seeing ten pairs of guys butt f*cking in a deluxe setting is the whole reason I watched the show in the first place and will continue to watch every week from now on. Kudos to the writers.

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