!! “Some of those boys will never make it.” !!

The last hour was surreal, with all my coworkers out to lunch and a strange, adult/baby-looking man sitting in the cubicle next to mine talking about a youth wrestling league in a bossy voice. I couldn’t figure out if his son was a wrestler or if he was devoted for another reason, such as the fact that his own stint as a wrestler at the age of thirteen included the best the years of his life. He was very animated on the phone, discussing the organization of various events, the quality of the referees, the fun during the busrides, and most importantly, the need for leadership from the team’s seniors. I remember when I used to do a sport in high school,

I was definitely looking for something from the seniors on the soccer team (I ran cross-country but we shared a locker room. Oh yes we did.), and I’m not sure it was leadership, but it was definitely important. Anyway, thank god he hung up once people started returning from lunch, or I would have had to chuck my 99 cent calculator at his head.

Despite that minor irritation, I’ve been in good spirits all day after a deeply satisfying finale of Survivor: Pearl Islands last night. Sandra won the $1 million, which was presented to her this morning on the CBS Early Show. Despite how much Lill sucks in every way, she did redeem herself twice last night, first when she came up with a plan to boot Darrah (without which she would have been toast herself), and second when she outlasted Jon and Sandra in the final immunity challenge, which involved squatting on a raft for the longest amount of time. Her best line of the evening, and maybe of the season was a fabulous rebuttal to some stupid taunt by Jon: “I’m in great shape, Jon. I do aerobics. This is called a squat!”

But as soon as she picked Sandra to go with her to the final Tribal Council, I knew that Sandra would win by a landslide, which she did. Despite everyone’s fears that Lill would be unbeatable in the final two because she is so nice, this was actually huge folly because secretly everyone hates her for one reason or another, but primarily because she is a self-righteous, manipulative whiner. Yay Sandra!

On another less interesting note, Saddam Hussein was captured yesterday and I’m a little surprised at the timing of it all. I would have thought that they would have waited at least until after the Democratic primary to spring this on us. Anyway, I can’t wait for John Kerry, Dick Gephardt, and all the other spineless traitors who voted for the war resolution to use this new development in their campaigns against Howard Dean. Finally, guess who said it:
“Today is a great day for the Iraqi people. … Capturing this brutal dictator represents a significant step toward bringing about the kind of Iraq we and the majority of the Iraqi people seek.”
Answer: Tom Daschle, Senate Minority Leader and embarassment to the left. Read here for other reactions to the capture of Saddam.

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