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very mad. Oh, big surprise, it’s the President. I thought I was beyond that, but that is one of his remarkable qualities: always coming up with new ways to be a big, horrible asshole. After reading his statements the other day that included how he thought it was important to “codify” marriage as being between a man and a woman, in essence nullifying all state-ratified unions, I felt personally attacked, maybe because I’m from Vermont and I was very invested in the state civil union movement. What’s worse is that Tom Daschle and other Democrats agree with the President on the issue, and that means they deserve to be dragged through the streets. I wrote a short article to Time.com today, but I don’t think it’s going to make it since it’s too long, but you can

read it here:
The recent announcement by President Bush that heterosexual marriage must be “codified in one way or another” is perhaps the most flagrant and egregious attack on civil rights and state law that has occurred during my lifetime, and I am surprised at the complacency around the issue. The fact that it is “question of the week” on Time.com shows us that we are in the midst of a civil rights battle just like those that came before. Remember when it was okay to discuss whether women should be able to vote or whether black people should be able to drink out of the same water fountain as white people? I don’t, though I think they would have made great questions of the week. It makes me sad to think that I will be an old man before it is not okay to discuss whether or not homosexuals should have the same rights as other Americans.
The President’s use of the word “codified” might mean a Constitutional amendment or it might mean another federal law, but isn’t the Defense of Marriage Act enough? Does anyone really listen to the Pope? What is going on?
It seems homosexuals are one of the few groups left that the President can attack openly at a press conference. Haven’t we learned our lesson from all the civil rights battles we have already fought this century? Does a homosexual need to sit on the altar and tell the police officer “no sir, I will not go find another?” President Bush and Congressional Republicans are doing their best, as usual, to drag the country a giant step backwards, but there is no excuse for Senator Daschle, who is showing, now more than ever, that he is a spineless lapdog (or worse, a bigot) in the guise of a “centrist.”
I feel a little funny even sending this item as a contribution to a wider “discussion,” because I believe that equal rights for every American under the law should not be up for discussion, but such are the times. One thing that every political writer seems to admire about Republicans is the fact that they have a belief, set a goal, and put all their energy into achieving that goal. Senator Daschle and his cohorts could benefit from believing in equal rights and putting their energy into that goal, rather than waffling under political pressure and proving Ralph Nader correct, that they really are no different than their Republican colleagues.

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