!! Sorry, everybody. !!

catshoe (73k image)
You’ve probably seen it by now, but I can’t stop looking at sorryeverybody.com. It has cute things like this cat with its head in the shoe, and weird goth guys with geeky backwards letter names. It even has Nader supporters.

Now that we’ve expressed our regret, let’s start thinking about why no one likes Democrats. Maybe it’s because they are wishy-washy (Terry McAuliffe), willing to sacrifice a large portion of their base (you could also call this “being centrist,” as Bill Clinton did while he signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996), corrupt (Rev. Al Sharpton), rich (John Kerry), spineless (Tom Daschle), weird-looking (Nancy Pelosi), and boring (Dick Gephardt, “miserable failure” of 2004).

This is why we need Howard Dean to be the new chair of the Democratic National Committee. He is not only principled and capable of energizing the grassroots, but he used to be sexy in his youth. Dean for President, 2004! Oh, wait…

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3 Comments on "Sorry, everybody."

  1. Yes, it will disqualify him to run for President, but he’ll never get the Democratic nomination anyway after his campaign fell apart this year. Maybe he can use his influence as DNC chairman to make John Edwards be less faggy.

  2. And what of Dennis Kucinich?

  3. I too think Howard Dean should be the new leader of the Democratic Party. But, won’t that disqualify him to run for President in 2008?
    We really need Dean!

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