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Bennett, the !! omg blog !! Survivor commentator, is moving to New York City today! He should arrive in about an hour and a half. This move is a very good thing because it means we can be in more steady communication about the developments in Survivor: Pearl Islands. There was no Survivor post this week because he was packing, but you can expect only the most insightful and well-researched opinions to surface in the coming weeks.
I personally thought last week’s episode was predictable in a sad way, with poor Lill being voted off just because she’s weird and has no skills (she couldn’t even tie a fisherman’s knot and consequently lost two of the fishing hooks. Some Boy Scout leader!) I did like her crazy banter, but Darrah‘s southern accent and morose-yet-glamorous ways are ultimately more satisfying, so I’m happy that she didn’t get voted off in Lill’s place. Stay tuned for next week, when it’s rumored that Andrew‘s back hair will start surfacing now that his last wax job is wearing off.

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