!! Suddenly Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ !!

brooketom (34k image)In response to insane lunatic Tom Cruise’s recent diss on Access Hollywood, Brooke Shields has offered some obvious (but amusing) barbs of her own. Unfortunately the punch was taken out of her “Tom should stick to saving the world from aliens” remark because of the imminent release of Tom’s new movie, War of the Worlds, in which he saves the world from aliens. Perhaps she should have said “Tom should stick to convincing everyone in the world that they were created by aliens” (and that they evolved from clams). On a related note, Tom’s girlfriend Katie Holmes is now being escorted around by a phalanx of Scientologists (including Tom’s sister/publicist Lee Anne Devette, of whom I still have never seen a photo. Do any exist?) to make sure she says nothing in interviews that is contrary to the word of L. Ron. (via The Fix)
Just for fun: in case you missed the TVgasm montage of Tom’s craziest moments on Oprah: enjoy.

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3 Comments on "Suddenly Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’"

  1. Clearly Mr. Cruise does not believe in psychiatry. If he did we would have to accept the fact that he is Bipolar with a nice touch of Napoleon complex. The best way to deny you have a disease is to try and discredit the doctors. Poor Tom.

  2. Yeah but what would they do in there? Probably just read Scientology literature, which they would much rather do in public.

  3. I just think Tom and Katie need to stop with all the PDA and get a frickin’ room!

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