personally, i hate it when the producers of survivor play sneaky tricks on the contestants. a game should have rules, otherwise what’s the point? i’m one of those people who appreciates things like rules and regulations. it keeps things simple. this week was the obligatory episode four “switch” which i always sort of hate. no need to explain the whole thing; i’m not even sure i get it myself, the point is that no one knew what was coming and where’s the fun in that?!
because no one seems to care about survivor the way they did about PARADISE HOTEL, i’ll keep things short this week. also because frank won’t let me leave the house until i make this posting and i don’t feel like it at all. what happened was: jon acted ugly and foolish, rupert continued to be a gentle but somewhat dim giant, and burton fell on his own (presumably large) sword. in other news, michelle showed her face for the first time she looked like a bitch to me! good. i always like the bitchy girls best.
free at last,
p.s. does anyone else think that SHAWN has the grossest body ever?

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