!! SURVIVOR at long last !!

Dear Friends,
although i have been formally fired by frank as official survivor correspondent, i am going to persist. like the heroic journalist Veronica Guerin, it takes a lot to silence my righteous opinion.
yes it is hard work, but i think it is important to bring survivor to the world– this week, however, i will try not to besmirch my (wonderful) roommate’s good name as i did a few weeks ago. sorry henry, i was just kidding about the whole baseball thing! just like i know you were kidding when you criticized my cooking. (truthfully, it gave me diarrhea, so i guess i should have listened.)
this week, everything fell into place on survivor. the surprise returnees were no surprise at all, and andrew’s boot was easily guessed from last week’s episode. the rest of the season looks relatively predictable. the official OMG! BLOG forecast is that from this point on, the contestants will go in the following order: Ryan O, Rupert, Tijuana, Jon, Darrah, Christa, Burton, Lil, and Sandra. Sandra is the winner and Lil’s a distant second. I predict she’ll get one or two votes, max. you heard it hear first, unless you read about that pesky gambling scandal. i’d link to it, but unlike your blogmaster, I’m way too lazy.

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