!! Survivor: Panama: EXILE ISLAND! !!

Yes, the new Survivor season will be starting on Feb. 2 at 8pm on CBS! I hope it runs current in Canada or I will feel VERY frustrated (sort of how I’ve felt about Project Runway. Sigh.). From first glances at the new cast, it seems that there is only one cute guy, and a bunch of religious Southern gals, two of whom are named Misty and Ruth Marie. There is no sign of any gays except maybe Courtney, but she might just be new age.
Also, perhaps more importantly than the uglier-than-usual cast, there will be a major twist in the game! From the Survivor 12 website:
Stranded on an island off the coast of Panama, 16 strangers must live together and compete for the million-dollar prize. This time, the castaways will begin their competition as four tribes: older men, older women, younger men and younger women. At least one Survivor each week will be banished to a separate island miles away from camp. How will this change the game?
They will form a new tribe! And then come back! Like Big Lil on Survivor: Pearl Islands! I am skeptical about this idea. Maybe they should just bring Stephenie LaGrossa back for a third try at the $1 million. They could give her a tribe of her own and let her decide who to eliminate each week. I would watch it.

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3 Comments on "Survivor: Panama: EXILE ISLAND!"

  1. Oh, you should try living on the other side of the planet. Next week we find out who wins Project Runway 1. And our latest showing of Survivor they have just voted off crazy Jamie.
    Thank god for the internet so I can spoil every reality show I watch by finding out whats going on as it happens.

  2. first of all, that guy can only be considered cute by the most forgiving standards. second, i would like to say that the one who is an "author" is clearly the fakest author ever, considering that his one book on amazon appears to be self-published and also creepy… something about "the greatest love story ever between a mother and a son…" so maybe i am just pissed because i was planning on using the "author" thing as MY gimmick, and i have been beaten to the punch by constantly neglecting to make a video tape. in conclusion, i have a hard time working up any excitement for this intensely gimmicky version of the classic game-show of survivor.

  3. HAHA! Yeah, I’d watch it too…

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