!! ‘Survivor’ update !!

the RUPERT craze has gone too far. yes, he is better than, say OSTEN, but doesn’t anyone but me notice that he’s constantly mugging for the camera in a totally phony and annoying way? Rupert gets a B+ in my book for letting his privates flail around under a sheer floral mini-skirt, but if i had to choose one outrageously weird looking survivor as my favorite of the season, it would definitely be BIG LIL, the withered old scoutmistress in granny underpants whose time was cut far too short.

All the fawning over Rupert is downright embarassing. This is Survivor we’re talking about, not American Idol, and, come on, COLLEEN’s torch was snuffed three years ago. Slavish admiration is straight up not allowed. Heather Havrilesky, I’m talking to you.

In terms of the remaining survivors, on the basis of personality alone, SANDRA is the clear best all around, closely followed by CHRISTA, whose incredibly annoying low voice is actually compensated for by her endearingly indomitable spirit and the fact that she appears to be the grown love child of Big Bird and Pippi Longstocking from the live-action swedish films. I also was growing fond of Dark Tina, the ice cold TRISH, even if she did overplay her hand tonight.

But rumors are swirling for next week… expect something TOTALLY UNFAIR.
P.S. For the unemployed: STARTING OVER = best show ever!

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