tonight’s episode was the most out of control, and probably best, survivor episode of all times. i was left truly breathless. needless to say, sandra impressed me mightily, only to let me down slightly in the end by failing to get the job done and eject burton, or at least jon. i’m reserving judgement on that play. i’m not sure she had any choice. either way, she came out of this episode in a better position than she started it in, thanks purely to her own sneaky cunning.
anyway, the game has obviously become a battle of wits between jon and sandra. their relationship has reached a level of love/hate that seems straight from the hepburn and tracy playbook– as much as they loathe each other, they keep winding up on the same side, over and over. and bicker bicker bicker. there’s something sort of cosmic about it, and although i would love to see them in a cataclysmic showdown in the final two, that would just be too perfect.
after tonight, regardless of any treachery with the fish, i’m pulling for sandra more than ever, and she’s still in it to win it. this lady is pioneering a whole new survivor strategy– there’s something almost oracular about the way she knows everything about everything (from constantly hiding in the bushes) and the way she compulsively reveals everyone else’s secrets.
sandra is playing a game that is pretty brilliant in its recklessness, but if she loses momentum for the tiniest moment, her goose is cooked.
speaking of cooked goose, i’d like to mention at this point that tijuana’s surprise exit tonight was no surprise to me. sort of. if you look at my boot order prediction following andrew’s departure, you’ll notice that i saw this coming a mile away– and i’m going three-for-three. let’s just see how it pans out…
still aquiver with excitement,
your faithful survivor correspondent.

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