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!! OMG, Mama bear scolds her cub for peeking into this woman’s window !!

Sumer Walser Williams and her husband were woken up by a nosy visitor at their North Carolina home. It was a baby bear.

“We heard clanging outside our bedroom window that backs up to our front deck,” Williams told The Dodo. “Sure enough, when I put the front deck lights on, there was a cub at the front door.”

Williams and her husband couldn’t believe their eyes: the curious cub stood upright and started peeking through their window. But they weren’t mad at him for making a racket at the crack of dawn. On the contrary, the couple was delighted and intrigued.

But not everyone was pleased by the baby pushing boundaries. Soon, the cub’s mom joined him on the deck, scolding her little baby for invading people’s privacy.

Check out the cute interaction above!

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