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!! OMG, Peacock is rebooting The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and here is their new cast! !!

First of all, BLASPHEMY! Second of all – here is who Peacock has planned to play the main characters in the reboot of the 90’s classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! These characters were all so unique in their portrayal and who they were – I really hope we just don’t get some bad impressions of the originals. They gotta bring something… fresh! Check out the new cast above! Thoughts?

!! OMG, Doja Cat drops Grease homage in new ad for PEPSI !!

PEPSI commercials and pop stars have been bedfellows for decades – and as capitalist as these are – they somehow bring us joy when we see them. Think of Britney, Beyonce, and others in the classic clips of the past. Now Doja Cat is hawking their new classic sodas – and covering a track from Grease while doing it. Check out the new clip above! Thoughts?

!! OMG, this woman made a Jason Derulo life-size cake !!


Cakes on Derulo?!?! @jasonderulo #laramason #cakeanything

♬ Acapulco – Jason Derulo

Someone’s got the pannie gushers for Jason Derulo, and her name is baker Lara Mason! Lara spent actual time making a LIFE-SIZE cake of Jason talking on his phone! Pay special attention to how much crotch icing was applied! Check out Lara’s cake journey above!

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