!! OMG, 139-year-old San Francisco Victorian home is moved by truck 7 blocks to a new location !!

The Englander House in San Francisco, a 139-year-old home owned by a real estate guy, was picked up and placed on a flatbed trailer and transported a whole 7 blocks away to its new address.

The Victorian architectural masterpiece is a 5,170-square-foot (roughly 480-square-meter) house that has been around since 1882. It was transported at the average speed of 1 mile per hour (1.6 kilometers per hour) for 0.6 miles (roughly a kilometer) from 807 Franklin St. to 635 Fulton St.

This is commitment! But good for him for preserving some history while doing it (even if it did cost him 400K to do so!). Check out some footage of the move above!

!! OMG, THROWBACK: Drag Race 13’s Tamisha Iman performs Donna Summer back in 1998! !!

Yes! Before most of you were born, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 favourite Tamisha Iman, who is 49 and from Atlanta, Georgia, was out in club getting paid and bringing the house down – boots!

Check her out back in 1998 above. Most of these other contestants weren’t even a sperm in their daddy’s nutsack at this point.

!! OMG, 18 secretly gay stars of old timey Hollywood !!

Classical Hollywood cinema —popularly known as the Golden Age— was a period in cinematic history between 1910 and 1970 that changed the landscape of movie-making forever. Noted as being an era of experimentation on screen, the same was often reflected in the sex lives of the Hollywood stars off-screen as well.

During this time, homosexuality and bisexuality were still considered taboo, and for most actors and actresses whose sexual preferences didn’t conform to the societal norm of the time, they had little option other than to keep their true sexual identities under wraps for fear of damaging their careers.

Check it out above! So many faves were swinging all ways!

!! OMG, a dark holiday throwback: William S Burroughs’ ‘The Junky’s Christmas’ !!

The Junky’s Christmas is a story by William S. Burroughs and produced by director Francis Ford Coppola. Burroughs narrates the film and appears in live-action footage at the beginning and end of the film and the story follows Danny, a man coping with addiction who reveals his last remains of selflessness and humanity despite his urgent physical predicament. Check it out above!

!! OMG, ET looks back at Britney Spears’ 2004 confessions including almost being a BOND GIRL! !!

For Britney Spears’ 39th birthday, ET is looking back at interviews with the singer during her ‘In The Zone’ album cycle. Only ET was invited as Britney prepared for her 2003 ABC special and 2004 Onyx Hotel Tour. Spears, who had just turned 21 after the release of ‘In The Zone,’ opens up in a series of interviews about growing up in the spotlight, her inspirations for her fourth album, and how she was in talks to be a Bond girl after her spy-inspired ‘Toxic’ music video.

Check out a look back at a much more present and vibrant pop star before they got her all hopped up on suppressive meds! There’s gotta be a better way! Check out a 16-year throwback above!

!! OMG, don't miss these !!