!! Teddy Ruxpin returns !!

teddyruxpin (26k image)In one week, we can all pre-order our new fourth-generation Teddy Ruxpins! That means that we can sleepily lounge in our beds with our fuzzy talking friend telling us stories of the land of Grundo, and maybe if our parents spoil us a bit, we will have Teddy’s pal Grubby sitting next to him so they can tell the stories together. And if we are really spoiled, we will have the furry bird puppet too.
I think I might have my first-generation WOW (Worlds of Wonder) Teddy Ruxpin (circa 1985) lying around somewhere. Apparently they are collector’s items now because they used a two- or three-servo motor and four C batteries instead of a single servo and four AAs. The new Teddy Ruxpin coming out next week will definitely have better battery life since it will use MP3 cartridges instead of cassettes. I wonder if they will use the original actors to tell the stories.
More good news is that if you still have your old Teddy Ruxpin and don’t want to buy a new one, you can send your old pal in for a complete spa treatment/rehabilitation, courtesy of this guy.

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3 Comments on "Teddy Ruxpin returns"

  1. I ordered mine yesterday, still got mine from 20 egons ago. Best toy i ever had.

  2. Yeah people either don’t know what he is or think he’s creepy. What’s their problem…

  3. I LOVED Teddy Ruxpin… I listened to that crazy little bear all the time when I was little. Usually no one knows what I’m talking about if I mention it… so way to go. I’m definitely ordering one of those babies.

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