!! That’s Senator McGreevey, if you please. !!

mcgreeveyhappy (8k image)According to a new Zogby poll, 49% of New Jersey residents would consider voting for Jim McGreevey if he ran for some public office other than Governor. 6% of the citizens polled responded that they would never vote for him because he is gay. Another 43% said they would not vote for him for other reasons.
So maybe we’ll be seeing more of sexy Mr. McGreevey, which would be just fine with me! I wonder what New Jersey’s policy is for allowing former governors who resigned in shame to run again in a future gubernatorial race. Perhaps he could regain his crown, but this time without the old ball and chain. It would certainly make state politics more fun, especially if he finds a new “not really gay” boyfriend to appoint to a high level security position.

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