!! The bright side is !!

that Dick Gephardt, the most despicable of the Democratic candidates, will be dropping out of the race tomorrow following the surprise results of tonight’s caucuses in Iowa. Howard Dean came in third, which was a disappointment, and was maybe due to the fact that he spent the 24 hours before the caucuses in Georgia not getting an endorsement from Jimmy Carter. The whole trip to Georgia seems like a set up by the Democratic establishment to me, especially considering that Wesley Clark will be making the same trip later on, at a much less crucial moment in the race, but you know… I so crazy.
Looking to New Hampshire, It’s going to be between Dean, Kerry, and Clark. I guess only time will tell how much of a boost Kerry will get from his Iowa victory, but Dean has kind of blown the huge lead he had a few weeks ago. Anyway, you really can’t predict what New Hampshire voters are going to do because they’re too busy spending their tax-free income on cigarettes to support their public school system. I think Dean will carry New York, and that’s all I can really participate in at this point, but if I have to campaign for Wesley Clark later on this year, it’s going to make me vomit, VOMIT all over his telegenic face.

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