!! The Carter boys look rough !!

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Time has not been kind to Nick and Aaron Carter. For Nick, his body has expanded in all directions, and for Aaron it’s just his protruding lower jaw. The result? They both look like guys I went to high school with (in rural Vermont). Wait, scratch that, Nick looks like the dad of guys I went to high school with. I think it’s the new moustache, or maybe the visible Hanes waistband. Classy stuff.

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4 Comments on "The Carter boys look rough"

  1. you may not agree but i think Nick still looks fine as hell no matter what size he is. and i bet he is more hung the most guys

  2. c,mon if u didnt know these two..u would say they were both very cute!! least i think so! 😉

  3. Just watched the reality show for the first time, what a bunch of crack heads running around in the middle of a trailer park train wreck.

  4. They DID go to my high school along with Willa Ford (Amanda Lee Williford) and (gasp) Debra LaFave (Beasley). However, several years after I went there. I hear their new show has been dubbed “a train wreck”.

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