!! The end of summer !!

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is upon us, and I celebrated yesterday at Jones Beach. Lady Colossal and I decided to sun ourselves on the central beach this time so we could be close to the sausage cart. A bargain at $7 per sausage, we enjoyed every delicious snappy bite. The waves were also out of control and I think I still have water in my ear from swimming.
After the beach, as if I weren’t already relaxed enough, Gail gave me my birthday Reiki session. She lit candles, played nice mood-setting music, and balanced my energy. Various neat things occurred, such as when I felt her hands on me when they weren’t there. Gail explained this by saying that spirits come into the room and sometimes you feel their hands on you helping with the Reiki. After some minutes (I can’t say how many since I think I was sort of meditating) I felt like I was floating a few inches off the bed and Gail’s hands felt very hot. When her hands rested on my chest I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to cry; apparently that was my heart chakra. The best part was that she made my sore neck feel much better. Afterwards we enjoyed delicious chicken chipotle burritos and watched Swingers, which I was skeptical about but actually liked a lot. If you want to experience Gail’s awesome Reiki for yourself, click here for more information.
The photo today was taken at my now passed-away grandma’s pool in Florida. It reminded me of Labor Day, and so in the spirit of the weekend, I did not post it yesterday.

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2 Comments on "The end of summer"

  1. yeah we totally should! Maybe it could be our housewarming too… For real, I am getting those boxes out of the living room ASAP.

  2. oohhhh, franky! can we have an end-of-the-summer party? you could wear your baby blue booty shorts and laura could wear her boobs and i’ll figure something out, and it would be a swell party, indeed.

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