!! The Hogans are the scary family nextdoor !!

munsters (43k image)
Yesterday I was searching the Internet for a place I could commission an Upscale Family Portrait and stumbled upon the website of Photographer to the Stars Dick Zimmerman. He has photographed such celebrities as the (Hulk) Hogan Family and the Munsters! As you can see, he has a formula and it works!

Photo: Dick Zimmerman
The blonde in the photo wearing the cross is daughter Brooke Hogan. She is Aaron Carter’s girlfriend and she recently worked with Britney Spears’s producer to make her new single, “Uh-Oh” [download], which oddly enough reminds me of the theme song to The Munsters [download]. Maybe Brooke met the Munsters in Mr. Zimmerman’s photo studio where Lily Munster gave her some makeup tips! There is definitely something spooky about Brooke’s new song, as well as her face. “Uh-Oh” is basically a watered-down version of Britney’s “Toxic,” which is such a good song that even its imitations will end up being catchier than anything Madonna has released in the last six years. You go, Brooke. I’ll dance to it.
Check out some more funny pictures of Brooke after the jump, and please let’s not forget the original blonde in the Hogan family:

Sandy, do you know Dick Zimmerman?

Brooke’s dress is so beautiful it would make her daddy cry if he still had tear ducts.

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