!! The holiday season is upon us !!

and what comes between Thanksgiving and Christmas? World AIDS Day, of course, which happens every December 1. Just a few weeks ago, Dana wrote about a potentially exciting breakthrough in HIV Vaccine research, but nonetheless the theme of this year’s AIDS Day is the fact that HIV has not gone away and remains an issue for everyone. So mention it to people today, and remind them that December 1 is not just a gay holiday.
What will be a gay holiday, however, is the release of Wet Palms: Episode 4! Stay tuned for my review of episodes 2 and 3 in anticipation of the next three episodes, set to be released some time this month.

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8 Comments on "The holiday season is upon us"

  1. aw, that’s my favorite song.

  2. Oh baby, baby, you set my heart in motion. But is this really love or just a game?
    I can’t believe you’ve got a heart of stone. You know I’m a one boy girl.
    Prove your love, gotta prove your love.

  3. Even when you turned your back now… I can see you reaching for me… even when you walk away… Oh Michael, don’t think you can resist.

  4. I’ve seen your tears fall when you thought you were alone.

  5. I owe you a hairy muscle hug.
    Great blog, Frank. Have a great one. Big fuzzy muscle hugs.

  6. Tasty Too. WOOOF.

  7. It’s true, but only cherry flavor. If you don’t like cherry, you’re out of luck.

  8. I heard Frank is doing naked jello body shots at the $pread Magazine benefit on Friday. Is it true? Guess we’ll all have to go and find out!

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