!! The king of the jungle has eaten himself !!

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Jim sums up… something: “I use my concepts to seek beauty, to pull truth out of what I see, that is life. It’s very abstract. Life is a game. Everything someone does is like a game. To me. It’s like a strategy. I see myself in everything I do, and everything I do talks about who I am. Am I playing a game? Is it a strategy? It’s a battle. It’s a war.”

And Martha responds with some comments mercifully dubbed in after the fact for added drama: “Well I like someone with a creative spark. You’re a loose cannon and you’ve managed to alienate a lot of your teammates. You’ve played it your way and now I’ll play it my way. The game’s over, Jim. You’re outta here.”
At least Jesus answered my prayers this week! Too bad for you other suckers. Ya’ll can meet up with Jim in Crazytown.

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4 Comments on "The king of the jungle has eaten himself"

  1. i hate those after the fact reality show voiceovers. they are so transparent! can’t they manage to match the sound better? the voice always gets deeper and slower. can’t they just script it before the elimination "ceremony"? plus martha’s show would have been a lot more interesting if it were a dominatrix competition.

  2. http://x11.putfile.com/12/34911280017.jpg
    Above link is picture of Martha inducting Howard into the "Sirius club" at Howard’s afterparty…
    Stern fans discuss here (adults enter with caution)..

  3. Martha inducted Howard Stern into the Sirius family at the Stern afterparty at Hard Rock Cafe today… Yahoo carried it…
    A new forum to review..

    Black and Blue Triangle : Sexuality and Mens Rights
    BBT was created as a place for men(and women) of all sexual orientations and those who deny sexual orientation to discuss western societys devaluing, demonizing, and politicization of mens sexuality and physicality. And how that treatment relates to social attitudes towards men as a whole.
    Welcome to Black and Blue Triangle. Enter at your own risque…

    Also check out coverage of Howard Stern’s last day at KROCK… http://music.yahoo.com/promos/howardstern/

  4. Hi Frank!
    I’m SO FREAKING GLAD that Jim got kicked out of the competiton last night. Martha Rules. Too bad Dawnnuh and Brittneee are so BORING also. But…Oh I don’t know who I want to win.
    Hey check out my worleygig.com blog for my Survivor Finale Post!
    Love, Gail xo

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