!! The Little Monster has grown up !!

fredsavage (20k image)Former Wonder Years star Fred Savage will be returning to the land of the bittersweet, poignant sitcom when Crumbs premieres on January 12 at 9:30pm EST on ABC. On the show, Savage plays a gay who tried to make it in Hollywood, only to fail and have to return home to his family. Many of the plotlines are based on episodes from director Marco Pennette’s own life, and according to Savage, Pennette was “brave enough not to have a laugh for a few pages.” I just hope it’s not like those Very Special Episodes of Roseanne. What a downer those were. On the plus side, Savage’s mom on the show is played by Saturday Night Live alum Jane Curtin! She is one funny lady. (via The Yada Blog)

In other Wonder Years-related news, for any of you wondering what Winnie is up to these days, she has returned to acting fulltime, but sometimes takes breaks to answer math questions on her official website!

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