!! the men of survivor !!

i think i’m only supposed to post on thursdays, but when i came across the following link it seemed like my immediate responsibility as official omg! blog survivor correspondent to let the public know. after all, survivor crotch shots are so difficult to come by. well, boy ones at least– survivor vagina tends to be horribly overexposed. all people interested in slightly less blurry than on tv pictures of ryan o’s thing, click away.
i also wanted to call attention to this clip of osten caressing his own womanly boobs, as an example of why he is this season’s most annoying and spazzy survivor.
now back to your regularly scheduled omg!

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2 Comments on "the men of survivor"

  1. it’s easy. Oh-emm-gee. (it’s an abbrev for "oh my god/gosh/golly/goodness")

  2. I am loving this page! I am trying to figure out how to pronounce "omg" though.

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