!! The people’s lawyer !!

spitzer (8k image)Yesterday, Eliot Spitzer announced his run for governor of New York State. Spitzer has become well-known nationally, initially for uncovering scandals in the financial industry that were cheating small investors out of millions of dollars, and now for his probe into the insurance industry.
Maybe as governor, he’ll use his keen eye for corruption to fix some of the trouble in Albany and find enough money for NYC so the subway fares won’t go up anymore. He should probably just appoint a new head of the MTA while he’s at it.
Spitzer would also bring New York State one big step closer to legalizing gay marriage, since he declared his support for it in March. And really, isn’t it about time? While it may be impossible to count all the gay New Yorkers, according to these estimated data from 2001, it’s likely that today the gay population in New York City is greater than the entire population of Vermont, home of the first legalized gay unions.
Spitzer for Governor, 2006!

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6 Comments on "The people’s lawyer"

  1. OMG, he’s governor: Eliot Spitzer

    (Image Source) Sorry for the late start this morning, but I had a very late and stressful night like I imagine many of you did. The first thing I want to say is: Congratulations Governor Spitzer! It seems so long ago that he announced he was running, …

  2. Eliot Spitzer spanks Lindsay Lohan

    Well not literally. Universal Music Group, parent company of Lindsay Lohan’s record label, is getting sued $12 million for bribing radio stations and MTV to play her horrible record that no one wants to buy. And who is behind the lawsuit? My favorite …

  3. Wow he is even famous in Germany. I can’t read your blog because it’s not in English, but I will assume that you are going on and on about how "Semitically sexy" sexy Mr. Spitzer is, like James does on his blog.

  4. He have got credibility.
    I think he is gonna make it.
    At least he is a top candidate.

  5. I think he has a sexy heart.

  6. I love Eliot Spitzer. He is so semetically-sexy and such a good Democrat. I think more Dems should use his consumer-advocacy approach. Did I mention that he is SO sexy?

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