!! The poor, cute tiger !!

was only trying to help, when he dragged Roy Horn off stage during his magic show the other night. I hope they don’t euthanize it, especially since I’m sure it freaked out because some retard in the audience was shining a mirror in its eye or something.
I saw Siegfried and Roy when I was like five or six in New York with my grandma, and they were so great. At least the tigers were great. My grandma got me a giant stuffed white tiger that I named “Fluffy” and who lived on my bed until I was twelve (I know that’s a little sickeningly personal and embarassing, but some of my friends have been begging me to publish more juicy details on my blog). That was also back in the days when my grandma bought me very stylish clothes, such as a matching pair of black leather pants with a bomber jacket. It might have made me feel just like a spy who is ready for a night at Rawhide after the magic show, except I was six, so I probably just felt like Jem, who was my favorite at the time. Speaking of Jem, I recently got a hot tip that you can find many of her awesome music videos on Kazaa, and it’s true! I have several, and they are, you guessed it, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS.

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