!! The Pope might disagree with you! !!

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Oh it feels good to be home again after such a long journey South. New York is as expensive as ever, but the subway made me feel downright nostalgic after enduring the Toronto streetcars for a few months now. Actually, I usually just drive my car because the idea of enduring the streetcar gives me a headache. Just yesterday I waited over thirty minutes for a Toronto bus at 1:30pm on a Friday. But I digress.
Now that I’ve come back from New York, I have some souvenirs that I will share with you over the next few days. The first is this public service announcement: Good Catholics Use Condoms. Now if only Britney Spears were Catholic instead of whatever she is at the moment.

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3 Comments on "The Pope might disagree with you!"

  1. Sacred gay sex is hot.

  2. And I thought the whole idea was to keep Catholic families from having 10 kids.

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