!! The power of the script !!

was evident last night on the season finale of The OC. Even as I was cheering Ryan’s decision to move back to Chino to be with Theresa during her pregnancy (which may or may not be the direct result of his sticking his penis in her. We have to wait for the baby to be born), I was bracing myself for the ultimately heart-wrenching last five minutes of the episode, in which our emotions were taken for a rough ride by the show’s writers.
Who cares about Ryan and Marissa? They’re both boring, and Ryan isn’t even cute. Yet

why is it that the final moment of the New Year’s episode, where Ryan bursts through the door three seconds before midnight to sweep Marissa into his arms was one of the most memorable and moving moments of this season? Why did I feel so sad last night when Ryan and Marissa were dancing their last dance at Caleb and Julie’s wedding? Because it’s not really about Ryan and Marissa. It’s about true love. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that Seth Cohen is almost the sole reason that I watch The OC, but I didn’t really get choked up when he sailed away alone on his sailboat, bound for Tahiti.
At points through this season I have questioned Ryan’s role as “star” of the show, since he was so often overshadowed by Seth in looks, personality, humor, acting… umm, basically every quality. However, Ryan has love on his side. The time that Seth stood on the counter, announced to the whole school that Summer was his girlfriend, pulled her up beside him, and proceeded to make out with her in front of everyone was very romantic; it made my stomach flutter with delight and a little bit of jealousy, but I was not moved.
I think I will amend my statement about “true love” to include the age factor. Kirsten and Sandy are obviously still in love after all these years, and they shared a very tender moment last night as well, as Kirsten was stripping Ryan’s come-stained sheets off the bed in the poolhouse, sobbing uncontrollably about her adopted baby leaving the nest and also about the abortion she had long ago. Sandy was very supportive and the poolhouse was full of love, but I just didn’t really care.
It was all about Ryan and Marissa, which is what the opening credits would have you believe, and even though I often wish it wasn’t the case, last night’s finale made me remember why it’s important to have them around. Seth Cohen and myself may have a true love that is unrealized as of yet, but until that special day comes around, we need those two boring dummies to play the part and provide us with the most essential element of the primetime drama. Upon watching these key Love Moments, some may cry for love lost, some might get angry and turn off the TV, and others might stare wistfully, longing for the day it happens to them. I just sighed happily, my eyes a little wet, and finished eating my cupcake.

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  1. I’m hoping he gets married to the pregnant girl and stays in Chino for the rest of the show. The rich kids will be force to visit him on "the other side of the tracks" where they will behave awkwardly until Seth starts wearing a wifebeater and Summer gets a bad perm. The show’s name will be chanced to The O.Chino.

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