!! The publicity stunt comes to an end !!

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Throughout this season of The Amazing Race, I could never decide whether I loved Jonathan and Victoria for their wackiness or hated them for their fakey-fake fighting and mugging for the camera. Some high moments in their journey, which came to an end last night in Ethiopia, included Jonathan making Victoria eat the spicy Hungarian soup, which she then proceeded to vomit all over the floor for a period of hours, making several other contestants lose their goulash as well (most notably Freddy, who, in an appalling Fear Factor moment, accidentally threw up in his bowl and then had to eat it back up in order to finish the contest) until she finally finished in time to not come in last. And of course we could never forget the time when Jonathan dropped his backpack and sprinted for the finish line, leaving Victoria to carry both bags, sobbing and screaming, and be passed on foot by Freddy and Kendra, who consequently won the trip to Mexico.
Low points included every time Jonathan was wandering lost in Africa yelling “I need someone who speaks ENGLISH!” Another one was last night when Victoria cut her finger while caking mud on the side of an Ethiopian hut and just wouldn’t stop screaming. It was horrifying, and really the last draw in my mind. Good riddance to you both. I hope the publicity helps your art career, Victoria. My hopes are still pinned on Kris and Jon, but only if Jon puts on another Speedo.
In case you don’t watch The Amazing Race (for which there really is no excuse, and I shouldn’t take any pity on you), here is a little piece of wacky Japanese news, just for you. I wonder if you can get them with a bulge.

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4 Comments on "The publicity stunt comes to an end"

  1. ‘Amazing Race’ crazies have reproduced

    If you are a devout viewer of The Amazing Race, then you no doubt remember the antics of Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller, the “fighting” couple of Season 6. Their behavior really went beyond dysfunctional, however, soaring to new heights of bizarre…

  2. I know … What the heck is "pop art," anyway? Is it different than schlock art? The sad thing is, they probably will be worth something someday.

  3. You mean you just spent ten minutes trying to decide which piece of beautiful POP ART you wanted to purchase for your home, no?

  4. Thanks for the GREAT links for those two crazy kids, Jonathan and Victoria. I just spent about 10 minutes with my jaw hitting the ground. I love it — he’s not actually verbally abusive, it’s the *medication.*
    Good grief.

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