!! The reality of hauling raw meat !!

on your shoulder was given its due coverage last night on the season premiere of The Amazing Race 5. There is quite a wacky lineup of teams this season, including identical twins, three pageant winners, dating Christian models, an older couple who met on the Internet, and a Little Person and her cousin. Right now my favorites to win are Linda and Karen, the “Bowling Moms.”
However, after last night I wouldn’t count out Charla, the Little Person, and her weakling of a cousin, Mirna. While Charla carried backpacks that were easily as big as her, Mirna huffed and puffed as she carried the giant side of beef down the street to the butcher shop. Dropping it several times in the dirt, Mirna threw down her gloves in frustration and whined something or other about how heavy it is. She then proceeded to ask for help from a nice Uruguayan man nearby, having him carry the bags, and she placed this huge piece of cow on tiny Charla’s shoulders, making her carry it the rest of the way, which she did without complaint. Tenacity is what this show is about; hopefully Charla has enough for both of them.
On a sad note, Dennis and Erika were the first couple voted out, allegedly because Dennis was too nice a guy. If this is a shortcoming, Dennis can be mean to me anytime; cruel even. He was easily the hottest person on the show and I am sorry to see him go before I could figure out if his penis is as big as it seems from looking at the rest of him.

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5 Comments on "The reality of hauling raw meat"

  1. indeed you will.
    i’ll gladly oversee your progress.

  2. Cultivating a sense of mystery was my New Year’s resolution, and I admit I’ve made less progress on that than certain other people have on their resolutions. I guess I just have to work harder.

  3. well perhaps at least a veil is in order for your Cotillion, and, for that matter, a fan; ever so mysterious!

  4. I’ve been thinking we should model wedding dresses like Brandon and Nicole.

  5. i’ve really been thinking that our relationship should be more God-centred, just like brandon and nicole’s.

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