!! “The smile tells the story” !!

humanequine (30k image)Sometimes I get sick of the endless parade of naked cocks (aka the Internet) and yearn for something a little less naked, a little more unusual, hopefully with a busty lady dressed like Wonder Woman riding on its shoulders. Thank goodness I found triggerTHEhorse. Trigger is the self-proclaimed Human Equine and is a devotee of a growing sex trend called “Pony Play.” Read his story here. (via The Holy Moly Mailout)
My first exposure to Pony Play was this past June at Gay Pride in Toronto. I actually took a photo of it, but had no idea what the harness and stuff was all about. Now, thanks to Trigger’s informative website, I have filled in that small blank spot in my fetish knowledge, and am even aware of the magazine Equus Erotica, available at Tower Records and better magazine racks in a city near you.

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