!! The Top of the World !!

I saw Patty Griffin last night at Carnegie Hall. Kind of weird, right? Everyone was sitting down in this fancy new auditorium they just built. I think it’s supposed to be like the “casual” auditorium for funky and offbeat things to happen, so all the patrons of the arts that were sitting around me were wearing cashmere turtlenecks instead of suits and ties. Whatever, I had a great time. Her voice was captivating as always and she played a couple songs off her new album that is coming out next year. I especially like “Icicles.” Watch out for it.
Something of note: I am switching site hosts tomorrow, so you may not be able to access the blog for several hours (!!!!) I’ve already set up filters to block all the hate mail I’m sure to receive from outraged readers hungry for more, but you know… sometimes we have to move backward in order to move forward. That was for my uncle, the President of NYCT.

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