!! The True North strong and free !!

cntower (33k image)Tomorrow I embark on a great adventure. I’m travelling to Toronto, Canada for the summer to pursue some projects, be closer to love, learn how to ride a bike, and eat at the spinning restaurant at the top of that tall thing downtown.
So if my posts take on an overly polite or apologetic tone over the next couple months, it might just be my newly acquired Canadian manners seeping through. At least it’s summer so I won’t miss any of my favorite American cable television shows, which come out six months later up there (I still haven’t figured out how they can abide this, considering we are in the age of the Internet. The entire season of The L Word could be ruined with one errant click).
Don’t’ worry, if I hear anything important about the U.S. or New York City, I will be sure to pass it along. However, it might come after I write about poutine and the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. Goodbye, America! See you after the heat wave, but don’t forget to keep reading !! omg blog !! every day!

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