!! The Ultimate Whatever !!

I guess I’m a little jaded, but $250,000 just doesn’t seem like that much money. It was sweet of Keith to share it with Tara, but… No, it was more than sweet. I was genuinely moved by it. I think they might get married, and not only because they look exactly like each other. I think it’s love.
In case you didn’t know, tonight was the season finale of Paradise Hotel, the sensation of this summer that lasted into the fall. Such was its amazing success. Tonight’s two-hour extravaganza was full of surprises that I won’t describe in detail for fear of being boring (anyone who watched the episode wouldn’t be surprised, and anyone who didn’t would have no idea what I was talking about). I’ll just say that they involved partner switching, lots of shocking revelations, and two people (Keith and Charla) having to decide whether or not to share the ULTIMATE PRIZE, which turned out to be $250,000 each, with their partners.
I already told you that Keith shared his with Tara, but the real news of the night is that Charla did not share hers with Dave. Oh no she did not. After a very half-hearted attempt at trying not to be a complete bitch, she kept the money and still told Dave that she hoped they could be special friends after the show. This came after several attempts during the episode to distance herself from Dave because she obviously can’t stand him and would probably give him the entire sum of money if it meant he would never call her at home in Minnesota. Sorry Charla. There’s not enough money in the world that could break up BFF.
The highlight of the evening was

when Toni (and Beau) returned and tricked us for an entire commercial break into thinking that they were back in the game. After saying “just kidding” in her special Toni way, her eyes bugged and she managed to slip in a “GAME ON!” before the scene changed. You gotta love her, especially since it was Toni who finally convinced Charla not to give Dave any money. What a little devil.
Now that I’ve glossed over the episode, I want to announce some very important news that you may have missed if you didn’t watch Fox 5 News at 10. Dave is going to be at Sephora in Times Square tomorrow at 6pm!! After being brutally mocked by a sexy Australian Fox News reporter on the evening news tonight (“Dave here might need some Prozac after tonight’s episode of “Paradise Hotel.” How does it feel, Dave, to be gypped out of $125,000 at the last possible moment?” Ouch.), Dave announced his special appearance at the popular beauty supplies chain. Who knows why Sephora is his location of choice. I don’t think any amount of expensive moisturizer or cologne could make him even slightly attractive, but maybe he figures that Paradise Hotel fans are also likely to be Sephora shoppers. I know I fit both categories, so maybe he’s onto something. Anyway, I’m seriously considering going to meet him tomorrow, just so I can ask him if he’s talked to Charla since the show ended. I think we all know the answer, but I want to hear it for myself.

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  1. So did you go? Did you get any answers?

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