!! The world’s biggest assholes !!

popsicle (28k image)
Yesterday afternoon, Union Square in Manhattan was flooded with kiwi-strawberry-flavored high fructose corn syrup, causing many waist-conscious New Yorkers to flee for safety. Under the guise of trying to erect the “world’s largest popsicle EVER,” this sneak attack was perpetrated by Snapple Beverage Group in an attempt to fatten up the one bastion of skinniness in the world’s most obese nation. Even if they aren’t really affiliated with the KKK or anti-abortion organizations, I am still offended by Snapple’s wanton use of corn-sweetener and bad commercials. Let’s not forget to thank Mayor Bloomberg for making Snapple the official drink of New York City, thus putting it into every public school for the overweight younger generation to consume on a daily basis. (Thanks for the tip, Laura)

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  1. damn i weigh 70 pounds in 7th grade i want a bite of dat

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