!! There was nothing surprising !!

in the newspaper this morning when I read the results of last night’s round of primaries. Howard Dean warned everybody he wasn’t going to win a single state, and he didn’t, yet he still “remains optimistic.” It’s sad that even Clark managed to win a state (Oklahoma, and barely at that) and Dean couldn’t take New Mexico. I got my weekly Dean newsletter this morning and it was full of hope about March 2, “Super Tuesday,” which includes the New York primary. There is major organizing going on in the city right now, and I really need a little hope. Tonight is Meetup night, and I’m going to go and see the people I’ve been campaigning with for the past few months, who will hopefully be in good spirits.
I am honestly depressed about this right now. I really saw the Dean campaign as something that could change the political system for the better and engage voters who had never taken an interest in elections. If he crashes and burns, it could disillusion those same people to the point where they will be very reluctant to get involved, or even vote, in the future. We (the country, or at least the Left) seem to be on this preordained path to a Hillary Clinton candidacy in 2008. There are forces at work to make this happen that make me very uncomfortable, and I’m afraid my Clinton conspiracy paranoia is only going to grow in the coming months, so be prepared.
FASCIST POLICE STATE BONUS UPDATE: CBS will be using an expensive new tape delay system to censor the Grammy awards for controversial content. They’re having it developed especially for this purpose, so that we will never accidentally see a boob again. Money well spent! Live television will never be the same.

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