!! This is an up-to-the-minute Paradise Hotel post! !!

So I just found out from the very exotic Amanda Byram, the sassy British beauty who serves as announcer for Paradise Hotel, that the winner of the show will receive the ULTIMATE PRIZE, which is still a secret. This is the first news I have heard of a prize, so maybe there is some incentive to stay in paradise other than absolutely nothing… It almost makes the show less interesting, but we’ll see. Okay, commercial’s over. Watch Fox to see the exciting conclusion.

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  1. So NICE to see you yesterday! You certainly looked model-like in your all black ensemble. WHat a cutie-patootie!!
    I am trying to get a press pass for the big Dean rally tonite in Bryant Park. Look for me in the press area where I will be eating and drinking the free food and booze!
    See you tonite babe!

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