!! Throw that tea! !!

Tonight I was flyering for Howard Dean in Central Park, taking advantage of the crowd gathered for the Dave Matthews concert. Not surprisingly, most of the people were either young Republicans or stoners who don’t vote, but I think I spread the word a little, even if Wesley Clark’s people were handing out free candy bars (smart strategy as the munchies were in full force).
Yesterday in Boston to a crowd of 5000 (I wonder if that many people would show up to see John Kerry in his home state), Dean talked about how we are the new “Sons of Liberty” fighting against our own King George. It made me want to throw something overboard, like John Ashcroft maybe. Watch the whole speech on C-SPAN here.
In other news, the Nashville Scene article about American Pride is out. My friend Gail wrote it and I’m quoted! One more step on the ladder to FAME. Stay tuned…

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