!! Today is a big, important day! !!

Gays started getting married this morning at 12:01 am in Cambridge, MA. These are the first legally recognized gay marriages in the United States and we should celebrate. I’ve found that Canadians from Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are sort of like “what’s the big deal?” since it’s legal in those provinces, but it is in fact a very big deal, especially considering the puritanical roots of the U.S. and our current fascist administration. So hurray for gay! I just finished a weekend of gay celebration with a special guest and I’m still basking in the afterglow, but I think that streamers or confetti of some sort are in order for this special day. Or disco music… yeah…

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  1. so much confetti – perhaps the gay wedding trade show can make it’s way down to Cambridge MA ater it’s return to Toronto next year.

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