!! Too bad for Tina !!

that she was the first one voted off of Survivor: All Stars last night. The facelift she bought with her first $1 million isn’t looking so good these days. In fact, it looks so terrible that I think it may have been her sole motivation for competing again. She probably spent the rest of the money on other forms of bodily upkeep and is now hungry for more. Or maybe she is just a tenacious competitor. Either way, she’s kicked off and I’m not too disappointed. As Gail pointed out last night, it was a nice surprise when she beat Colby in Survivor II, but she’s really not that exciting.
Jenna L. (sneaky Jenna, not swimsuit model Jenna) proved herself to be

very lucky if not very smart last night, as she narrowly escaped Tina’s plan to turn the tables on her. Still, it’s good for everyone that Tina is gone, because she is so wily.
Richard Hatch got naked a bunch of times, and I think that he wants to star in bear porn and is trying to be discovered. He’s off to a good start already, and will undoubtedly pick up more fans of naked, flabby (even post-lipo), hairy bear body. Oh yeah, he refuses to make fire even though everyone in the tribe is dying of thirst and I can’t figure out why. Maybe he thinks if he acts weird enough and disagreeable enough that no one will vote him out. Shii-Ann pointed out last night, “What fun would it be for the king to leave the first night?” and whether or not he truly is the king, I definitely think that a big, naked gay is a fun enough thing to keep around at least for a while, if only for the entertainment of watching people have to look at his thing all the time.
On Thursday’s new episode, everyone is dying of thirst and 75-year-old Rudy collapses in the ocean! So much excitement.

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2 Comments on "Too bad for Tina"

  1. I don’t reward cheap publicity stunts involving boobs when the perpetrators deny responsibility. Come on Justin, what are you gay or something?

  2. Nothing, today, about Janet’s scandalous stunt?? I was utterly shocked…And I was so disgusted, I couldn’t watch the rest of CBS tawdry programming, including "Survior: So Tired." I can’t wait for the FCC to step up its obscenity concerns, and safeguard the US’ population from the menace of adult sexuality! I we don’t do something right now, we’ll end up as perverted as Canada, where you can even hear swear words on television, as well as see nudity. Ugh!

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