!! Too cold for the kiddie pool !!

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I have never liked the cold very much. The last few days have been reinforcing the fact that, despite my love of scarves and sweaters and other winter apparel, I hate shivering almost as much as I hate sweating. This could be why I have neglected !! omg blog !! a bit the last week or two, and I am very sorry. One thing I can promise is that I have watched episodes 2 and 3 of Wet Palms and will be posting another review very soon. At this point, your potential investment is $36, so you want some educated feedback, no?
As we transition away from it, I will remind you that summer inspires madcap flitting about in search of fun, new people, new pairs of shorts, beautiful locations as yet unexplored, and ice cream. Having gorged myself thoroughly on all these things, the approaching winter, cold notwithstanding, is an exciting prospect in that it brings the opportunity for quiet retreat to someplace warm. It inspires self-reflection, maybe creativity, and definitely the motivation to get better abs. Wish me luck in this last endeavour.
Finally, some news for you: From Wired, first the reality porn explosion. Make your own! Next, in case you’ve been living under a rock the last few months, get a free iPod. For real, no joke!

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2 Comments on "Too cold for the kiddie pool"

  1. oh stop.

  2. shut up. your abs are to die for already.

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