!! Too much love, not enough bandwidth !!

laterpc (47k image)
I’m sorry if you tried to reach !! omg blog !! over the last couple of days and got a bandwidth error. I was moving out of Toronto and received a lot of visitors over the weekend, resulting in me running over my bandwidth and not being able to fix it because I had no computer access. I know how traumatizing it must have been to have a Monday morning without your daily dose of hilarity, and I will make it up to you… tomorrow!
For now, enjoy this cute picture of me playing a computer game and feeling very inconvenienced by my grandma who wanted to take my picture. If you can figure out what game I’m playing in the photo, you could win the Ultimate Prize! Post your guesses in comments.

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9 Comments on "Too much love, not enough bandwidth"

  1. Well I don’t actively collect them anymore, but I do have what is probably a very valuable collection somewhere in Vermont.
    By the way, all the guesses are wrong so far. -F

  2. You like Troll Dolls?

  3. gee, I had that same computer case when I was about your size!
    you might be playing command and conquer…

    I WIN!

  5. specialkristen | August 31, 2005 at 12:35 am | Reply

    its MULE!!! you’re playing MULE!!!

  6. a)Frogger?
    b)Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
    PS that Troll collection would kill on ebay – only wish I kept my transformers!

  7. Funnels and Buckets? It was a math game back in the 80’s… yeah, probably not.

  8. If you switch to blogger, they give you unlimited bandwith and unlimited space.

  9. i’m not sure what game you’re playing but i’m guessing it might have something to do with trolls…

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